ISP Monitor Full Version
Version 5.7.5 - February 12 2010
ISP Monitor mIRC Script
Version 3.1.0 - February 02 2006
Vista Gadget
Version 1.4.0 - June 20 2007


Track your download statistics. Grabs the statistics from your providers website and keeps track of them. You will know exactly how much volume you have used at any time.

Test your Internet speed. Make sure you are getting the speed you actually pay for. Test your upstream, downstream, ping and packet loss and compare them with others.


Real-time traffic monitoring. The built-in Traffic Monitor will show your current network speed. Select from 3 different graphic modes, all customizable to fit your needs.

Disk Monitor. No matter how much you want to download, you need free space on your hard disk! Our Disk Monitor can give you a quick overview of all your drives. The Disk Monitor shows your total and free space and even hard disk activity.


DDE Support. Allows other software like mIRC to read data from ISP Monitor. Click here to download our free mIRC Script.

Advanced Auto-Update. If a new version is available it will be automatically downloaded and installed to your computer in a matter of seconds. You'll never miss out on any new features or important bug fixes this way.


Show of your stats... and more! Support ISP Monitor and sign up for our premium service. You will become the owner of 5 slick signature bars and get access to more premium services.

Supported Providers

The following providers are directly supported by ISP Monitor. If your provider is not listed, ISP Monitor will default to your Traffic Monitor statistics.


Telenet, Belgacom, Scarlet, Tele2, EDPnet, SurfADSL, BelCenter, Euphony, Chello, Dommel, Mobistar, dxADSL, Freedomnet


Cistron, Solcon, Speedlinq, Xs4All, FilterNet, Kabelfoon, Zeelandnet, TU Delft, Tiscali, HetNet, HCCnet, Chello


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