Premium Diensten

What is ISP Monitor Premium?
With your ISP Monitor Premium Subscription you are able to use our server to store your data. This allows you to quickly share your stats with your friends and save your settings online. Some new features of ISP Monitor will also be only available to Premium users.

Which services are available?
We currently have 6 signature bars available for your use and the option to synchronise your Traffic Monitor log on our server and even view it online!.

- Traffic Monitor Stats
Have a look at my Traffic Monitor Stats page.

- ISP Monitor Signature
ISP Monitor Signature

- WinAmp Signature
WinAmp Signature

- FlashFXP Signature
FlashFXP Signature

- Hard Disk Signature
Hard Disk Signature

- Computer Uptime Signature
Computer Uptime Signature

- NewsLeecher Signature
NewsLeecher Signature

You can use these images to spice up your signature on your favorite board or website, without the hassle of running your own web server!

How much does it cost?
Becoming a Premium member will cost you 4.99 € for a lifetime membership. Remember, you support the development of ISP Monitor and this website this way!

How can i become a Premium member?
Becoming a Premium member is pretty easy. Just follow these steps:
- Step 1: Create a free "My ISP Monitor" account. If you already have one, skip to Step 2.
- Step 2: Login to your "My ISP Monitor" account and click on "Manage Account". You can do this here.
- Step 3: Click on "Premium" and follow the instructions online. If you use the PayPal service your account will be immediatly converted to a Premium account.

Why aren't the Premium services free?
Most of the Premium services store your data on our server. As ISP Monitor is freeware, we would be unable to pay our bandwidth bills for all the traffic these extra services generate. Remember, everything you give to us, we give back to you by providing this service!